Lunging area, where to warm up, warm up etiquette

Hi all,

Cobargo showground is a huge space with an abundance of area to warm up before a competition. As a safety measure the FSCDA committee has designated the sand arena ( near the toilets ) as a riding only warm up area,  lunging on the sand arena is no longer allowed. A lunging area has been designated in the cattle parade arena ( the arena with the white fence opposite the back of the canteen) , we can of course still warm up on the  showground ( riding only).As always. I urge everyone to study the rules, it is YOUR responsibility to know and follow the rules.

The etiquette for riding in a warm up arena is as follows


Reminder to riders re the protocol for riding in the warm-up arena:
11.10.2 Etiquette for Warm-Up Arena (extract from EA Dressage rules)
As there are many horses warming up in a restricted area it is important that all riders have knowledge of the etiquette required in group riding. This ensures safe riding and achieves harmony in busy areas
• safety is paramount and a collision should be avoided at all times
• before entering the warm-up area make sure the gateway and immediate track are clear
• riders should pass left shoulder to left shoulder when on the track
• when not on the outside track, eg on a diagonal line, riders should give way to horses on their left
• the more progressive gait has priority on the track
• halt should not be on the track
• walk should not be on the track and does not have right of way
• trot has priority over walk
• canter has priority over trot
• lateral work has priority over all paces
• when circling, anticipate your return to the track so as to not stop the flow of other riders
• mounting, dismounting and gear adjustment should be done off the track
• consideration should be given to behaviour of other horses in the arena that may upset your horse
• it may be necessary if your horse is upsetting others to leave the area
• if a horse is upsetting the majority, an Official should be sought with a view to requesting that horse’s removal for safety’s sake