Around the Arena with Chris – About Bridle numbers

Hey all, been a while since I have done any blogging. I just want to talk about bridle numbers.

Did you know, it’s your responsibility to have 2 bridle numbers displayed either on your bridle ( both sides) or on your saddle cloth ( both sides), they must be easily read from the judges car, so not a little scrawled post it note  pinned to your saddle cloth, STAND OUT!  pretty basic stuff really and it makes it so much easier for gear check and Judges to read and check you off. It’s in the rules and everything, so let’s all be a bit more prepared.

1.15.5 Bridle numbers at events
• Bridle numbers are important for identification purposes and should be used at all times at an event.
• Two numbers are required to be worn when competing – one on both sides of the horse – attached to
each side of the bridle or saddlecloth and must be clearly readable.
• The bridle numbers must also be worn as described whenever the horse is being
ridden/lunged/led/grazed at an event.
• When presenting to the judge before a test, riders do not have to stop and report to the judge but
must make sure the judge has clearly seen their identification number.