Conditions of Entry

FSCDA ~ CONDITIONS OF ENTRY  (Effective 1st January 2019)

COMPETITION – It is the responsibility of all competitors to be aware of the Rules of this Competition, which will be held in accordance with the current EA dressage rules (as amended). These can be found on the EA website. This event follows the EA categories of Closed Unrestricted (open to financial members of FSCDA and/or EA), Closed Restricted (open to financial members of FSCDA only), and Official Competitive (must be a financial member of EA and horses and ponies must have current registration with EA). The FSCDA Organising Committee (OC) reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel any section of the program without notice.

COMPETITION CANCELLATION – The FSCDA website and Facebook page will be updated in the event of cancellation of an FSCDA event. In the event of the competition being cancelled, the OC will attempt to reschedule the event to an alternative date. Entry Fees will be carried over to the alternative date. Should an alternative date not be arranged by the OC, or the alternative date does not suit the rider, entry fees will be refunded excluding the rider levy.

ENTRIESNo late entries, incomplete entries or entries without proof of payment will be accepted. All entries must be online. All payments need to be made directly into the FSCDA Bank Account and be received by the closing date, or the entry will not be accepted. Any payments received for non-compliant entries will be held until the next Event the competitor enters, with the exception of the Rider Levy, which will be retained by FSCDA.

HORS CONCOURS (Non competitive) – Riders wishing to ride HC must declare their intention in writing at the time of entry.

SCRATCHINGS – Scratchings will be taken up to the closing date and refunded in full. Scratchings after the closing date will receive a refund, less the Rider Levy, provided a vet or doctor’s certificate is issued no later than 24 hours after the Event and supplied to FSCDA. Please notify any scratching ASAP to help with the smooth running of the competition.

DRAW – The draw will be emailed to the Club’s Members and posted on the FSCDA website by the Friday afternoon prior to the event. Draw position cannot be changed without permission of the Organising Committee. It is the competitor’s responsibility to check the draw upon arrival as it may vary. Times will be strictly adhered to. The time on the draw is the time you should enter the arena at A, not the time you report to the judge. There is no need to stop and talk to the judge; simply ride past each judge ensuring that your bridle number can be clearly seen. Failure to ride on time can result in elimination.

PREPARATORY TESTS – Junior Preparatory Tests are open to a Junior rider (under 16 years of age at 1st January) and horse combination that have not scored 70% or above in any Preliminary test. Open Preparatory tests are open to non-junior rider and horse combinations that have not won three (3) FSCDA Preparatory Tests within a calendar year (with minimum 5 competitors in each event) or scored 65% or above in any FSCDA Preliminary Test. Combinations who no longer qualify for Preparatory can still compete at this level but must ride Hors Concours (non-competitive) and declare their intention to do so, at time of entry.

CALLERS – Allowed.

DOGS – Dogs are NOT encouraged. If present, dogs must be under control in accordance with the FSCDA Dog Policy and the requirements of the Companion Animals Act 1998 No.87 (as amended). Dogs are not permitted in the following areas under any circumstances – arena grounds, lunging area, warm up area, gear check area, food preparation area or any office areas.

RIDERS – One rider only per horse. One rider may only ride a maximum of 2 horses in each event. Riders must be a current financial member of the FSCDA or EA to compete. Riders may be changed provided notification is given prior to the start of that competition. A rider of a horse may not be changed if another rider has ridden the horse on the day, either in warm-up or in a competition. The Organising Committee reserves the right to limit the number of tests ridden per rider, should entries be oversubscribed.

HORSES – Each horse may only compete in 2 consecutive levels (eg Prelim/Novice) and no more than 3 tests per day. In accordance with EA rulings a horse must be a minimum of 3 years of age to compete. All horses on the ground must be entered in a competition. After the close of entries, a competitor may only substitute a horse with the approval of the OC and no later than 48 hours before the start of the event.

WELFARE OF THE HORSE IS PARAMOUNT – Horses must be treated humanely at all times. Abuse of a horse using natural riding aids or artificial aids (e.g. whips, spurs, etc) will not be tolerated. The welfare of the horse must never be subordinated to competitive or commercial influences.

­­RIDING ATTIRE – Riding attire for Official Competitive classes must comply with EA regulations. As per the new EA ruling effective 1/1/2017, ALL competitors are required to wear protective headgear at all times, when mounted on a horse, that conforms with one of the following standards:

  • Current Australian standard AS/NZ 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI global marked
  • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI global marked
  • Current American standards ASTM FII63 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or SNELL E2001
  • Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked
  • Interim European Standard VGI (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark

Riding attire for Closed Unrestricted/Restricted events also includes approved short or long boots, gloves, club T-shirt or EA regulatory shirt with optional jacket. If gaiters/chappettes are worn, the exposed side must be full grain leather; suede on the exposed side is not permitted. White, beige or cream coloured breeches, jodhpurs or moleskins and generally a neat and tidy appearance is required. Plaiting is optional, but preferred for Official Competitive Events.

BRIDLE NUMBERS – Bridle Numbers are compulsory for identification purposes. Two numbers are required to be worn when competing – one on each side of the horse – on either the saddlecloth or the bridle and must be clearly legible. The bridle number must also be clearly displayed on the horse whenever the horse is being ridden/lunged/led/tethered or grazed for the duration of the event. Numbers can be easily obtained for free from EA over the phone 02 9620-2660.

STALLIONS – Stallions must display the EA compliant “Green” Stallion Identification Discs or number holders as issued by EA, which must be worn at all times at an event, being clearly displayed on both sides of the stallion’s head (attached to bridle or halter) or both sides of the saddle cloth. Bridle numbers must be worn in addition to stallion discs. Floats and trucks transporting stallions must also display the EA Stallion Identification Card with a green background. Competitors please take care not to park too close to a stallion or to provoke a stallion in any way. Stallions are to be handled as per the EA guidelines. More information on the Stallion Safe Guidelines can be found on the EA website. Discs are available for purchase from the National Office of EA.

GEAR CHECK – Riders must complete a gear check no earlier than 15 min before EACH test. Failure to do so may incur elimination.

WARM UP / LUNGING / ISOLATION AREA – It is preferred that warm up occur in either the external sand arena, or on the grassed non-competition area within the main arena at Cobargo Showground. If the event is scheduled at Bemboka Showground the warm up area is opposite the entry gate to the main arena. Please be aware of group riding rules when more than one horse is in the warm up area (these can be found on in the EA dressage Rulebook Annexes F.10.2). Lunging is NOT allowed in the external sand arena or within the main showground, but can be done anywhere else on the grounds. Please stay away from the signed Isolation Area, as this is reserved for any horse that should become ill on the day.

HOT WEATHER POLICY – The OC will follow the EA guidelines regarding it’s hot weather policy; whereby, to assess the risk of heat in horses the Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) Index will be used and associated recommendations followed.

COMPETITION AREA – Competitors are not allowed to enter the designated competition area unless they are next to be judged and the rider competing before them has completed their final salute to the judge. Any competitor that enters an arena other than for the purpose of being judged will be eliminated.

DUTY ROSTER – For those that are allocated a duty on the day it is important that the duty is completed. If you are unable to complete the duty, it is your responsibility to find a replacement. For those that are not helping on the day, if you see something that requires attention it would be much appreciated if you could help rectify the matter. It is expected that every member who attends a Club Event will assist with the packing up of the equipment at the end of the day.

SPECTATORS / PHOTOGRAPHY – Spectators and any video or photographic equipment must stay at least 10m away from any competition arena. Spectators are urged to stay out of the warm up area, unless specifically assisting a competitor.

IMAGE CONSENT – By participating in this event you are consenting for you or your child/children being photographed or filmed, and for FSCDA to copy or reproduce such images as FSCDA may determine, without acknowledgement of yourself and without your entitlement to any remuneration or compensation now or in the future. FSCDA may use these images for promotional use, this includes but is not limited to, use on the FSCDA website, marketing material and in all forms of media. You understand photos in which you or your child/children appear may be submitted to FSCDA partners, stakeholders and sponsors who may also use these images for the purposes of promoting their association with FSCDA.

PROTESTS – All protests must be submitted in writing to the Secretary within 30 minutes of the happening that gave rise to the protest. Such written protests must be accompanied by a fee of $50, which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

RESULTS – Results will be displayed outside the scoring office on the day. Ribbons will be awarded up to 5th place in each test, other than the Prep D, which is a non-competitive class. Tests will be made available soon after the judge has signed off on the results (please do not ask the scorers if tests can be taken early). All unclaimed test papers are retained and can be collected at the scoring office at a later competition.

SPONSORS – Please support the generous sponsors that are supporting the FSCDA.

HIGH POINT SCORE AND CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFICATION – To qualify for the FSCDA annual High Point Score and Championship Awards a rider must be a financial member of FSCDA no later than 30th June OR must have competed as an FCSDA member in at least one (1) competition within the year (including Bemboka Show Society Dressage events) PRIOR to the Championships. EA members and FSCDA members who do not meet the above qualifying criteria are still welcome to attend the Championships and will be placed accordingly, but will not qualify for the Overall Champion or annual High Point Score Awards.

Any rider who fails to comply with these Conditions of Entry or a direction of a responsible official (judges, committee members, gear steward, etc) may be eliminated.