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Dressage – Entry March 30 March 2014

FSCDA ~ DRESSAGE EVENT Bega Showground ~ 30th March 2014
Entries Close: Wednesday 19th March 2014

Download – Entry March 30 2014

* FSCDA will only accept email entries ~ please send completed form to email address details on entry form
* Late entries, incomplete entries or entries without payment WILL NOT be accepted
* This competition will be held in accordance with current EA dressage rules (as amended)
* FSCDA Conditions of Entry are attached and MUST be complied with at all times
* Riders must be either a current FSCDA or EA member to compete
* Bridle Numbers are Compulsory ~ Obtained from EA over the phone for free ~ 02 9620-2660
* PIC Numbers are Compulsory ~ entries will not be accepted unless the PIC Number is provided
* Ribbons to 5th Place

Closed Unrestricted – (FSCDA & EA Members)
Closed Restricted – (FSCDA Members Only)

Neither the Organising Committee of any competition to which these rules apply nor the EA accepts any liability for any accident, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders, equipment, grounds, spectators or any other person or property whatsoever.

ENTRY FORM – Please type details in SHADED areas below – HINT Tab through the shaded.

If you have trouble completing the form please call Sue Hergenhan on 6492-2857 or 0408 92-2466