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FSCDA had another great weekend at Bemboka thanks to the efforts of our new Training Review Group. The April event saw a number of riders camping over for a weekend introduction to Working Equitation. I believe everyone had a great time and Bemboka township has survived the invasion! Working Equitation (WEQ) is a fairly new discipline to Australia.

It originated in Portugal and Spain based on classical dressage with obstacles similar to those encountered on the farms. It has become quite a popular international sport.In Australia there are currently two groups vying for the role of Governing Body. It was a little confusing to get to the bottom of the current situation so the team worked with elements from both organisations in putting together the weekend.

It now apprears that the NSW Working Equitation Govening Body Inc. (NSW WEGBI) are perhaps in the best position to show leadership. The tests used for the weekend came from the Australian Working Equitation (AWE) site and it now appears that they are not well put together. Sandra and Pip certainly had some interesting manoeuvres in their test which didn’t work inside the arena.The WEGBI have recently published their Rule Book and have a number of Dressage Tests and Ease of Handling Patterns on their website that look a lot more appealing. There seems to be a better selection of manoeuvres especially for the starting levels.There is also a guide to the obstacles that can be downloaded. Thank you to everyone who completed the on-line survey. There were 30 responses which is great feedback. It seems everyone who could make it enjoyed the weekend.

There was some constructive feedback on the organisation aspects which have been taken on board. It is a huge task organising such events and our new group had a big ask taking on a full weekend with a newish discipline. Three of the group were also responsible for setting up the new website and on-line forms which added significantly to their workload.I am sure you will all join me in thanking them for their efforts.The group will meet shortly to come up with ways to improve their organisation for future “alternative” events. Perhaps adding one of the exectutive committee members to the group would be benefical.

After reviewing the survey results at the meeting it was decided to offer Dressage Trail and Jumping Equitation in June, Dressage Trail and Musical Rides in August finishing with Working Equitation in October.We were going to alternate between Dressage Trail and WEQ but it was felt that it may be more fun to carry over the WEQ to October and invite MEA and EDA to an interclub challenge. There could be an opportunity to run a more structured Training Day on the Saturday with the club challenge on the Sunday.

All our future events for 2014 are currently booked to be held at Bega Showground. Pip was going to try to coordinate a demonstration quadrille for our July Dressage Competition to inspire everyone for the August Musical Rides. This is basically Freestyle, Pas de Duex, Trios or Quadrille. Only be limited by your imagination!I am sure Hetty will be most happy to offer any advice on putting together your routines. So start thinking about it now to be ready in time.Pip is also trying to arrange a Dressage Protocol Day for the 26th July. She will be contacting accredited trainers from outside the area with a view to having them judge for us on the 27th. More details closer to the event.

Jess and Jade are keen to speak with our young riders to see how best the club can support them with their riding. There is some discussion around the EA Equiskills program which Pip is reviewing. Please contact the girls if you have any ideas you would like to put forward. Their contacts are in the committee list, use AMM’s for Jade.

Most of the information for the fridge calendar has now been finalised so we should soon have it out to you all. This will include closing dates for upcoming events etc. The new website has been up and running for a few weeks now. We would welcome any feedback on how you are finding it to navigate and any changes you would like to see.

The Website Group will met shortly to review the site so if you can be in touch with Kim, Angela, AMM or myself shortly that would be helpful. Ange has posted some great photos from the April weekend on the website, look under Gallery.

A big thank you to Jade Moxey who was once again a wonderful ambassador for FSCDA. The Trail Riding Club who run the annual Cobargo Horse Sale, asked FSCDA if we could provide a demonstration of Freestyle at Saturday’s Sale. The ever obliging Moxey family volunteered and Jade rode her Harry Potter and Run Rabbit Run routines before a very enthusiastic audience. It was wonderful promotion of the club and dressage. Hopefully it may result in some extra interest in dressage locally.

The May entry form is now on-line A massive thank you to Victoria Smith for doing such a wonderful job in setting up this form. It will simplify the entry process for all.

Entries will be closing at 5pm Wednesday 14th May 2014. 

Please don’t leave your entry until the last minute, in case you encounter difficulties. Should you have any problems with your entry please call Sue Hergenhan on 6492-2857.

Tests offered will be Prep B & C, Prelim – Medium 2 & 3’s.

 Cheers, Tanya