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FSCDA had another great weekend at Bemboka thanks to the efforts of our new Training Review Group. The April event saw a number of riders camping over for a weekend introduction to Working Equitation. I believe everyone had a great time and Bemboka township has survived the invasion! Working Equitation (WEQ) is a fairly new discipline to Australia.

It originated in Portugal and Spain based on classical dressage with obstacles similar to those encountered on the farms. It has become quite a popular international sport.In Australia there are currently two groups vying for the role of Governing Body. It was a little confusing to get to the bottom of the current situation so the team worked with elements from both organisations in putting together the weekend.

It now apprears that the NSW Working Equitation Govening Body Inc. (NSW WEGBI) are perhaps in the best position to show leadership. The tests used for the weekend came from the Australian Working Equitation (AWE) site and it now appears that they are not well put together. Sandra and Pip certainly had some interesting manoeuvres in their test which didn’t work inside the arena.The WEGBI have recently published their Rule Book and have a number of Dressage Tests and Ease of Handling Patterns on their website that look a lot more appealing. There seems to be a better selection of manoeuvres especially for the starting levels.There is also a guide to the obstacles that can be downloaded. Thank you to everyone who completed the on-line survey. There were 30 responses which is great feedback. It seems everyone who could make it enjoyed the weekend.

There was some constructive feedback on the organisation aspects which have been taken on board. It is a huge task organising such events and our new group had a big ask taking on a full weekend with a newish discipline. Three of the group were also responsible for setting up the new website and on-line forms which added significantly to their workload.I am sure you will all join me in thanking them for their efforts.The group will meet shortly to come up with ways to improve their organisation for future “alternative” events. Perhaps adding one of the exectutive committee members to the group would be benefical.

After reviewing the survey results at the meeting it was decided to offer Dressage Trail and Jumping Equitation in June, Dressage Trail and Musical Rides in August finishing with Working Equitation in October.We were going to alternate between Dressage Trail and WEQ but it was felt that it may be more fun to carry over the WEQ to October and invite MEA and EDA to an interclub challenge. There could be an opportunity to run a more structured Training Day on the Saturday with the club challenge on the Sunday.

All our future events for 2014 are currently booked to be held at Bega Showground. Pip was going to try to coordinate a demonstration quadrille for our July Dressage Competition to inspire everyone for the August Musical Rides. This is basically Freestyle, Pas de Duex, Trios or Quadrille. Only be limited by your imagination!I am sure Hetty will be most happy to offer any advice on putting together your routines. So start thinking about it now to be ready in time.Pip is also trying to arrange a Dressage Protocol Day for the 26th July. She will be contacting accredited trainers from outside the area with a view to having them judge for us on the 27th. More details closer to the event.

Jess and Jade are keen to speak with our young riders to see how best the club can support them with their riding. There is some discussion around the EA Equiskills program which Pip is reviewing. Please contact the girls if you have any ideas you would like to put forward. Their contacts are in the committee list, use AMM’s for Jade.

Most of the information for the fridge calendar has now been finalised so we should soon have it out to you all. This will include closing dates for upcoming events etc. The new website has been up and running for a few weeks now. We would welcome any feedback on how you are finding it to navigate and any changes you would like to see.

The Website Group will met shortly to review the site so if you can be in touch with Kim, Angela, AMM or myself shortly that would be helpful. Ange has posted some great photos from the April weekend on the website, look under Gallery.

A big thank you to Jade Moxey who was once again a wonderful ambassador for FSCDA. The Trail Riding Club who run the annual Cobargo Horse Sale, asked FSCDA if we could provide a demonstration of Freestyle at Saturday’s Sale. The ever obliging Moxey family volunteered and Jade rode her Harry Potter and Run Rabbit Run routines before a very enthusiastic audience. It was wonderful promotion of the club and dressage. Hopefully it may result in some extra interest in dressage locally.

The May entry form is now on-line A massive thank you to Victoria Smith for doing such a wonderful job in setting up this form. It will simplify the entry process for all.

Entries will be closing at 5pm Wednesday 14th May 2014. 

Please don’t leave your entry until the last minute, in case you encounter difficulties. Should you have any problems with your entry please call Sue Hergenhan on 6492-2857.

Tests offered will be Prep B & C, Prelim – Medium 2 & 3’s.

 Cheers, Tanya

NEWSLETTER – February 2014

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What an incredible roll up to the FSCDA AGM and first monthly meeting for the year. It really does look like 2014 is going to be bigger and better than ever. There were twelve members for dinner and seventeen at the meeting which must be a record attendance. Thank you to everyone who came along and to those that sent their apologies!

There was a lot to get through on the agenda starting with the election of office bearers for 2014. Thank you to Jess Coleman and Jade Moxey who acted as returning officer and scribe, respectively, on the night. It is wonderful to have our younger members stepping up to help run the club.

We have updated the committee list in the left hand margin. As you can see we have a few new faces joining the team. Thank you to all, past and new, who have stepped up to help run the club.

The only position not filled on the night was that of Publicity Officer. This role is extremely important to ensure that all members are kept informed of what is happening in the club. Not everyone can make all the meetings. The best way for the club to continue to grow and prosper is if we have great communication. So please, is there someone out there who can attend most meeting and competition days (maybe two or three of you to share the role) who could keep everyone informed?? I advised that I could no longer continue in this role after 2013. Because we had so much to share from the meeting I have penned another newsletter but I can no longer continue to do so.

Anne-Marie presented the most comprehensive Treasurers report that we have ever seen. We have to do everything we can to keep her in this role for as long as we can. Memberships, entries, funds raised and profitability were all up on the previous year which itself was one of the best that the FSCDA had in the recent past, if not, since the club began.  This was achieved even though our judging costs were up as we sourced a number of accredited judges from away.

The profit has enabled us to enclose the trailer which hopefully will be completed for our first competition day. This will however deplete the coffers considerably so it will be a tight cash flow the first couple of months.

Hendra Update: Pip has been in contact with EA to determine our requirements as a club for 2014. At this stage EA are not ready to proceed with the proposed 1st January 2014 requirement for vaccinations if horses stay overnight, as originally circulated.
FSCDA will not be affected in the short term. EA now plan to make an announcement on their recommendations and requirements on 1 July 2014.
FSCDA resolved to hold this matter over until EA make clear their requirements. Once they circulate their policy FSCDA will develop our own policy in accordance with EA requirements.
Jenny P shared the Showjumping Festival organisers position on Hendra for the January 2014 events at Cooma and Bega. There was the imposition of a demarcation line for horses travelling from high risk areas in northern NSW or Queensland. This will not affect FSCDA in the same way because our club events attract competitors from traditionally low risk regions.

What did come from this discussion was the need for us as a club to identify an “isolation area” at our events for use in the case of a horse becoming ill with any potentially contagious symptoms of any description. It was decided to identify some stables away from the main area with bunting and a sign, set up when the arenas are erected. Please be aware of this signage and respect the isolation area when attending any events.
If you have a sick horse needless to say do not bring it to an event.
We will include this in our Risk Management Policy and develop a Bio-security Policy in line with EA guidelines.
There will also be some antibacterial hand rub at gear check in future to help prevent any contamination issues. Please use this if you are rostered onto this role.

2014 Calendar it was decided that in 2014 FSCDA would hold four (4) dressage competition days and four (4) combined training days plus the Championship weekend where all disciplines will be offered over the two days.
Dressage only days are 30 March, 25 May, 27 July and 28 September 2104.
Combined Training Days, including a combination of any or all of dressage, dressage trail, working equitation and showjumping will be held on 27 April, 29 June, 31 August and 26 October. We will approach MEA with a view to running an inter-club challenge event in October.
If this is successful we may look to offering Official (Competitive tests) events in 2015.
Pip advises that the Bemboka Show Society will be offering Competitive, Participant and Freestyle tests at their June and November Dressage Days. These days are included in the FSCDA High Point Score tally.
Young Rider Development Group: we have a number of young riders competing at FSCDA events which is wonderful for the future. In order to best develop and nurture our younger members we have formed a Young Rider Development Group comprising Jess Coleman and Jade Moxey at this stage, with Pip Collins accepting the role as mentor. This is something Pip has done in the past with Dressage NSW so I am sure she will be excellent at giving guidance to the J’s. It will be their role to liaise with the other young members and report back to the monthly meeting with what they believe will best benefit their group.
Trish and I are thinking of developing an “old fart’s” or perhaps veterans group might be a nicer term. Or did Pip once call it a Masters – that has a nice ring to it! Any suggestions (positive) gladly accepted.

Working Groups/Sub-Committees: there were also a number of working groups formed on the night to help share the workload and bring more members into the organisation of events and the running of the club.
Sponsorship Coordination will now fall to Jenny Pheeney and Rebecca Breust to come up with a plan to report back to the next meeting on how to better look after our sponsors and to source new sponsors as we move forward. There are some exciting opportunities being presented for them in this role with the development of the new website which the ladies can explore with the Website Development Group.
The WGD will be comprised of Kim Gardner, Angela Keith, Anne-Marie Moxey, Sue Hergenhan and myself. Kim and Angela have taken on the Website Managers role jointly with the brief to redesign a new website now that Austcom, our current host, are phasing out the TYPO3 system we currently operate in. K and A are looking at WordPress as the system which is easier to operate and we can give the site a whole new fresh look. It is very exciting and we are so lucky to have two ladies in the club with the knowledge to do this and who are also prepared to invest the time, which will be considerable, to achieve the changeover.
Catering Committee Les has once again agreed to take on the coordination of the Christmas Party at the end of the year. Great news as he does such a wonderful job.  He is also happy to liaise with the other members of the catering committee regarding the monthly competitions lunches.
Rebecca Breust and Darrell Moxey (I wonder if AMM has told him??) have offered to work with the Pincini family to see if we can run a BBQ or similar at our competition days throughout the year and for lunches at the Championship. Hopefully, if we can get a few people to help at different days, we can continue to provide the lunches for all to enjoy without imposing too much on Liz and Paul. This enabled us last year to raise some money which contributed towards the trailer enclosure.
Sandra’s mother has also offered to come to a few days during the year to set up the judges morning teas and lunches. She won’t be able to make all dates so if you know of anyone else who might like to share this job let us know. It is great if we can have non-competitors in these roles so that the judges can be looked after effectively without someone having to rush off to compete.
Combined Training Review Group comprising Angela Keith, Victoria Smith, Christine Connelly, Kim Gardner and Sandra Kain. This group will revise the Dressage Trail Tests, develop Working Equitation patterns and run the combined training days.

Freestyle Hetty is happy to again join us at various training days throughout the year to help those wishing to get their Freestyle and Pas de Deux routines together. It would be great to get some quadrilles happening also. Bemboka Show Society will offer Freestyles at their two competition Days this year. We can also include this on our list of tests offered if we have the interest. So start thinking about your routines.

Entry Procedure for 2014 there were a lot of issues with late and incomplete entries last year that caused a great deal of concern for those trying to get the draw out and reconcile the accounts. We are all volunteers who have other duties outside FSCDA. To ensure the issues of the past are not repeated this year it was decided that the following will be the entry procedure for 2014 and it will be strictly enforced with absolutely no exceptions, so save yourself the embarrassment of asking!!!
There will be no late or incomplete entries accepted under any circumstances. An entry without a deposit receipt number is an incomplete entry.
The closing date will be enforced, the only exception being should the FSCDA choose to extend the closing date due to insufficient entries being received. If that is the case a notice will be forwarded to members via email notifying them of an extension for entries to a new date. Once the new date is reach that will be it and the draw will be commenced.
The closing dates will be detailed on a “fridge” sheet that will be forwarded shortly with all this year’s event details. The 2014 calendar has been on the FSCDA website for some months now.
All entries this year are to be on-line. In the short term we will follow the system we have been using but hopefully we will have the new website up and running shortly which will allows us to enter on-line securely. Global On-Line and Nominate are also being considered.
Scratchings are to be notified as soon as possible. Scratching prior to the closing date will be refunded with the exception of the Rider Levy which will be held as an administration fee (see definition below).
All scratching after the closing date will require a doctor or veterinary certificate to receive a refund. The refund amount shall be the entry fee and ground hire amount. The Rider Levy (administration fee) will not be refunded.
Bridle numbers will be required for 2014. These can be obtained free of charge from EA. Details on the entry form.

The closing date is not the time you attempt to submit your entry. We suggest that if you enter some days prior to the closing date issues with technology etc will be avoided.

Rider Levy To cover the cost of outsourcing FSCDA will introduce a $10 Rider Levy per competition. It was decided to keep the test and ground hire fees the same as 2013 being $5 ground hire fee per horse entered at each competition day, $15 per test for FSCDA members and $25 per test for EA members. Each rider entering will also pay at $10 rider levy per competition day. This will be detailed on the new entry form.
PA System it was suggested that if the show society was agreeable it would help with the running of our days if we could use the PA system at our competitions. This could help with the organisation of the arenas and allow us to play some background music. Brian will be approached once he has recovered from his current illness. I am sure you will all join us in wishing him a speedy recovery.
Duty Roster the club will endeavour to source non-riding members or friends to cover the pencilling, scoring and judges catering. It was felt that this would take the pressure off the duty roster for those trying to compete on the day. If you know of anyone who would be available to help out in these roles please let us know. We still have a few members who are happy to help when they are not riding. In some instances we will need to offer remuneration to those prepared to give up their time and travel to our events.
Life membership it was proposed and unanimously carried to offer Wendy Croese life membership of FSCDA in recognition of the valuable contribution she has made to the club over many, many years. Wendy has continued to actively support FSCDA despite having given up competition herself some years ago. She has been a tireless worker and great supporter of the club since its inception in the late eighties. It is a fitting recognition of her contribution to FSCDA.
Amendment to the Constitution  in 2011 the constitution was amended to move the AGM date from January to February to better reflect the reality of the convening of the AGM. It was overlooked at the time that this then impacted on the membership year. At present the constitution designates the membership year from 1st Feb to 31 Jan in the following year. This means that memberships now have to be paid before attending the AGM in February. It is proposed to amend the constitution to state that membership will run from 1 March to 28 Feb in the following year. For 2014 this will be 1 Feb 2014 to 28 Feb 2015. This is proposed for vote at the 1 April 2014 meeting.
Amateur Owner Rider Scheme  Pip will report back to the next meeting with details of this EA initiative with recommendations for inclusion within the FSCDA structure.
Judges Seminar (‘H’ level) will be held on the 18 May with Caroline Lieutenant presenting at Shoalhaven Dressage Club. Details contact Robyn Targa 0402117142 to book in.
The Department of Fair Trading will be holding a seminar at the Merimbula RSL Club on the responsibilities of running an incorporation/association. This will be on 10 March 2014 should anyone be interested in attending.

Mark Dowling from Bowral, an accredited EA judge and Level 1 coach, has offered his services for judging and Protocol Training days in 2014. Pip will follow up with Mark to see if we can arrange some suitable training events where we might also utilise Mark’s judging the following day.
Mark has been coaching Sue Schepisi recently with great results. Sue and Friso placed second in both their Novice tests at the January competition in Canberra. They then went on to receive a first and fifth place at Clarendon before continuing on the Orange for the Dressage with Altitude event. They competed against some of Australia’s best and have done us proud. Congratulations Sue and Friso!

The other exciting news is that we have a new arrival due midyear. Jed has finally taken our advice and he and Jenny are expecting an addition to the family. Congratulations!
The only downside is after all my efforts in trying to convince them to expand their family (only way I could think of to beat Jenny!) I probably won’t be competing during this time so I can’t take advantage of Jenny’s sidelining. I am sure it won’t be long after the baby’s arrival before she is back in the saddle. Jenny is already working out which date she can make her return to the competition arena.

So hopefully you have all enjoyed the break over the summer months and are looking forward to a return to dressage. The season gets underway with a 16 March competition at Jindabyne hosted by MEA. This will be followed by the first competition for 2014 for FSCDA on 30 March at Bega Showground. Details will be emailed shortly. The new membership forms are attached.

It is definitely shaping up to be a great year of dressage on the Far South Coast!