DRAW – FSCDA Protocol Day 25th August 2018

Venue: Bemboka Showground Saturday 25th August 2018

The draw for this weekends Protocol Day draw and duty roster is now available.   All scratchings should be made by call/sms Kim on 0429932703.

Sunday arena time will be available on Saturday.

BYO breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments.  For those camping there is an Trivia Night (adults only) on raising funds for the local Primary School and we have booked a table.

Hope you have a great weekend.

TimeRiders NameHorses NameBridle NumberJudgeTestDuty RosterPenciller
9:00Sandra KainKitty6007Belinda MackintoshElementary 3.3Pencil 10-12.30 (A2) Pencil 13-14 (A1)
9:30Jayne EdmondsonBella Brienne8235Belinda MackintoshPreliminary 1.2Gear Check 11.30-13.30
10:00Barb ReevesSweet Honesty KareeP109Belinda MackintoshPreliminary 1.2Gear Check 14.30-15.30Pencil 11-12(A1)
10:30Suzy NicolAslaan6568Belinda MackintoshPreliminary 1.2Morning TeaPencil 14-15.30 (A1)
11:00Gayl dobbinRare trade8225Belinda MackintoshNovice 2.2Morning Tea
11:30Bridget McCoskerMoet7470Belinda MackintoshNovice 2.2Judges LunchesPencil 13-14.30(A2)
12:00Kim GardnerDash9247Belinda MackintoshNovice 2.3Gear Check 13.30-14.30Pencil 9-11 (A1)
13:00Susy NicolAslaan6568Belinda MackintoshPrep E
13:30Paige MoxeyBrampton HalloweenP1296Belinda MackintoshNovice 2.3Gear Check 10-11.30
14:00Gayl DobbinRare Trade8225Belinda MackintoshNovice 2.3Pencil 12-12.30 (A1)
14:30Sharon DonnellyScout3726Belinda MackintoshPrep A
15:00Sandra KainKitty6007Belinda MackintoshElementary 3.3
10:00Emerson SirlBaxters Strike A PoseP1962Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.2Morning Tea
10:30Bridget McCoskerMoet7470Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.3
11:00Sally RowanChief9827Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.2Judges lunchesPencil 9-10 (A2)
11:30Emerson SirlBaxters Strike A PosePip CollinsPreliminary 1.3
12:00Trish HayesLittle Lola7264Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.2Gear Check 9-10Pencil 14-15.30 (A2)
13:00Sally RowanChief9827Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.3
13:30Trish HayesLittle Lola7264Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.3
14:00Barb ReevesSweet Honesty KareeP109Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.3
14:30Jayne EdmondsonBella Brienne8235Pip CollinsPreliminary 1.3
15:00Paige MoxeyBrampton HalloweenP1295Pip CollinsNovice 2.2


FSCDA would like to thank our very generous sponsors – these are our Sponsors:
Glen Mia Saddlery –  02 6492 1469Bega Valley Meats – 02 6492 1026 

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